Friday, July 10, 2009

The Little Things

When it comes to tapping into our true style potential, sometimes we forget those small things that can make or break our fabulous image:
Shoes – you simply can’t go wrong with a great pair of shoes. Shoes must fit properly, remain scuff-free and clean, and be appropriate for the occasion (that means no flip-flops in restaurants, churches, cocktail parties, etc.) I’m big on budget buying, but I’ve found that it really is for the best to spend some money on shoes. A high quality pair is worth it and will last a long time if cared for properly.
Nails – this has become a bit of a pet peeve for me. I don’t like super-long nails (a tad tacky and harbor all sorts of dirt and germs – ugh!). When selecting polish, age does become a factor. If you’re hands are starting to show your years (as mine are!), opt for very subtle or clear polish; darker colors do age our hands, and all the funky neon stuff is better left to the younger set.
Hair – I’m amazed by how many people I know who don’t bother to style their hair each day. It’s pulled back, piled on, or simply just left limp and lifeless. And don’t get me started on those who leave the house with hair that’s wet. Find a hair stylist you trust and spend a good amount of time explaining to him or her who you are and what your lifestyle is like. If the stylist isn’t interested in getting to know you, move on.
Remain cognizant of the fact that cut and color do matter. Again, you’ll need a thorough consultation for this. A recent episode of What Not to Wear featured a fifty-something woman sporting big blonde hair (she was from Texas, wouldn’t you know!). She fought with Nick Arrojo about cutting it, but finally caved to his suggestions. Nick’s work – a shorter, darker style – made her look ten years younger. She hated it and went back to her regular stylist for a bleach job and extensions, thus making her look twenty years older. If you’ve got a whole room of people telling you your hair looks good – as she did – listen to them!
Handbags – You need more than one purse. Your everyday bag simply won’t do for every function. Invest in variety. Structured purses are quite elegant; just make sure they’re not bursting at the seams with all the stuff you lug around. Oversized, slouchy bags are best for casual outings. Bring out the small clutches for evening.
Accessories – Subtlety is the key. If you’ve ever been compared to a Christmas tree, you might be overdoing it on the bling. Select one or two interesting pieces (a funky necklace paired with a chunky bracelet, etc,). Years ago, someone told me that before leaving the house, remove one accessory. It’s far better to be chic and understated than blindingly over-the-top.
I encourage you, dear friends, to take time each day to insure that the little things are in order and are working in your favor. Life is too short not to live up to our fabulous style potential!

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