Monday, March 15, 2010

Repainting the Barn

Several years ago, I witnessed a woman reapplying her lipstick. Her husband looked at her and said, “The barn sure does look better with a fresh coat of paint.” At the time, I thought it funny that he compared his wife to a barn. Looking back, it’s a little sad, but I think he meant well by it. And his phrase about the new coat of paint stuck with me….

Chalk it up to spring fever (particularly following a REAL winter down here in Houston), but this is the time of year in which I ‘repaint the barn’ by taking a very careful inventory of my current style. I’m discovering that certain outfits I bought just a year ago simply don’t work for me anymore, my winter skin-care regimen must be replaced, and it’s time to lighten up in certain areas (my hair), and darken others (hello, tan!) I’m also taking heed of new makeup tips thrown my way.

Evolving is part of life, and while it’s important to grow as humans, I think it’s equally important to grow in style. You haven’t changed a bit is not a phrase I want to hear.

Does that make me a vain person? Yes, of course it does – I’ll own up to the fact that I’m probably far too focused on how I present myself to others than I should be.

Trust me, though, on this: there’s a certain rush that comes from tweaking one’s look. An incredible excitement comes into play when we try a new lipstick, wear a color other than black, and go bold with a new haircut.

Of course, my outlook on style need not mirror your outlook on style. Your priorities may be far different than mine. I do, however, encourage you to utilize this wondrous time of year and at least reflect upon your current look and perhaps consider ‘repainting the barn’.

Beth Newman
Image Consultant/Life Coach
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