Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February's Nutshell

I believe in the importance of regularly conducting a life inventory, and have made a monthly practice of it. It never ceases to amaze me just how much I learn about myself and this world when I allow myself time for such reflection. So it is with much love (and a little sarcasm) that a share with you, Gentle Reader, my little epiphanies for February:

-Valentine’s Day is an over-rated conspiracy instigated by card companies. My beloved and I don’t need a specified day in order to express how we feel about each other. We do it daily, through our words and deeds (though I confess he’s much more a pro at it than I). Anyone who gets her nose out of joint because her Mister didn’t send the right flowers should really take a good, hard look at herself.

-On the subject of love, nothing strengthens the bonds of a relationship quite like the shared experience of a bad restaurant. And by bad restaurant, I mean poor service, under/overcooked food, and watered-down lime juice described as the House Margarita. Throw in a woman blowing her nose quite loudly at the next table, and you’ve got yourself a surreal experience, for sure. So thank you, TGI Fridays of Sugar Land, for laying yet another brick in the already strong foundation of Team Newman!

-When it comes to haircuts, sometimes it’s best to take matters (and scissors) into your own steady hands, no matter how much you adore your well-meaning but partially deaf hairdresser.

-When one starts visualizing and setting intentions for certain outcomes, one must be ready for doors to open. I’m quite thrilled with certain events that have transpired…events that will benefit me and others. I am grateful.

-I’ve learned over the past couple of years just how precious time is. That’s why I’ve grown quite particular about how I spend my time…and with whom.

-We’re all energy, and the amount of energy and the type of energy we emit into the universe certainly comes back to us.

-Anyone who drops the ‘F Bomb’ while accepting an award should have that award immediately ripped from her hands.

And that, Sweeties, is my month…in a nutshell.

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