Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Change in Season

I’m writing this on the most perfect of days.

The oppressive summer heat has made its exit, and we enjoy pleasant days and cooler evenings now. We’ve recovered from summer’s steady stream of activities, and the delightful insanity that comes with the holiday season hasn’t quite hit us yet. It’s that peaceful, easy feeling that comes as we transition into fall.

To me, autumn is the most fabulous of seasons. The days are a bit shorter now, and the leaves are beginning to change. Sunrises seem much more brilliant. Nature’s begging for our attention. It has mine.

It’s a wonderful time for reflection. Not sure where to start? How about here:

1. Do I wake up each morning with a passion – an excitement – about what the day may bring?

2. Do I take pride in my appearance by taking the time to dress and groom myself properly and appropriately each day?

3. Do I take the time to eat well and get some form of physical exercise each day?

4. Do I blow my top at life’s little inconveniences, or do I tend to handle trying situations with grace and good manners?

If your answers aren’t quite what you want them to be, now is the time to figure them out in order to live more abundantly. Remember, with silence comes wisdom. Let the quiet beauty of fall assist you in reassessing you goals (or in making new ones). A change in season could lend itself to a change in you.

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