Monday, January 11, 2010

Review and Revive!

What you wear tells the world how you expect to be treated. I love Clinton Kelly for that line, and I’ve adopted it when working with clients, friends, family, and myself. Here lies the cold, hard truth about the world: if you look like a train wreck, no one will take you seriously. I’m here to help, and, as this is a brand new year, I say let’s get this party started right now!

If you can convince yourself that you look fabulous, you can save yourself the trouble of primping – Andy Warhol

Plan your wardrobe a day in advance. Really study each garment to insure that it’s clean, wrinkle-free, and fits properly. If an item doesn’t make you feel fabulous, don’t wear it!

She wears her clothes as if they were thrown on her with a pitchfork – Jonathan Swift

Fit is absolutely essential. We must really come to terms with our body shapes (It requires standing in front of a full-length mirror, naked, for a very long time. I realize this can be a painful process for some, but it’s vital – you can do it!).

Too many people simply beg for comfort, thus the oversized sweatpants and t-shirts that blast into our field of vision daily. My personal philosophy is this: if your goal when dressing is to feel as if you never got out of bed, then don’t -get out of bed, that is.

Additionally, there are no fewer falsehoods with apparel than that it is too small. I don’t know anyone who finds sausage casings attractive. Actually, it’s visually painful to see a woman bursting from her clothes.

Know your proportions and work with them. If you don’t know your proportions, call me!

Have a hairstyle that is flattering to some and offensive to few – Amy Sedaris.

I included this quote because it makes me giggle. However, unflattering hairstyles are no laughing matter, nor are untended nails. Spend some money and invest in a good haircut and weekly manis/pedis. This surely ups your style quotient.

When in doubt, wear red – Bill Blass. Not if it doesn’t suit you – Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine.

We take color for granted. Not everyone can wear every color of the rainbow. Certain hues may appear too harsh or wash us out completely. Know your colors! And if you don’t know your colors, revisit what I said about proportions.

You can’t have style without being inspired – Isaac Mizrahi

The first step toward style is knowing who you really are, and know what gets you going. Find a style role model (mine are Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn). Before dressing each day, ask yourself, “Would Jackie wear this?” or “Would Audrey pair this belt with those shoes?” Study your role model diligently, and try to think like her. If your role model has ever appeared on reality TV, or in public without her underwear, please reconsider your choice.

Evolving your style is good for your psyche. Knowing yourself and dressing the part results in sheer fabulousness in all areas of your life, as far as I’m concerned. Simon Doonan asks, “Why wouldn’t you want to be one of the fabulous people, the life-enhancers, the people who look interesting and smell luscious and dare to be gorgeously more fascinating than their neighbors?”

Well, why wouldn’t you?

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