Thursday, July 8, 2010

July's Good Buys: The Beach Emergency Kit

‘Tis the season when many of us – including yours truly – set sail for sand, sun, and perhaps starlight soirees by the sea. Don’t you dare do it, though, without your Beach Emergency Kit (henceforth known as the BEK).

Most of this applies to the ladies, but gents, there are a few little items you, too, could afford to take along (in your own bag – hers is already full!)

A spare swimsuit: in the event you’re invited to a pool party or dinner aboard a handsome stranger’s yacht, you’ll want to wear something different…something not covered in sand and seaweed.

A pair of cheap lightweight earrings: to go along with the spare swimsuit should either of the above occur.

A baseball cap: it will keep the glare off you whilst riding the waves. Your regular sun hat won’t do – save it for when you’re lying on the sand sipping a frosty beverage.

Refillable spritzer bottle: Fill it up with water for a quick refreshing face or body spray or to wash off the salt and sand.

There’s more I’d like to place into what I’ll refer to as the “Well, Duh” category.

Honestly, I’m surprised how often people turn up at the beach without the following: sun block, lip balm, sun glasses, a small mirror, a comb, a tiny pouch of tissue and baby wipes, travel-size deodorant (please), hand cream, a big bottle of drinking water , and money (a few bills and maybe some change – nothing major)

Of course, you should personalize your BEK with other products that you can’t live without (hair gel, extra pair of contact lenses, etc.)

Now, should you have an inkling that the day’s beach activities will lead to a little night action, remember the following, and add accordingly to your BEK:

In addition to the small earrings, throw in a cheap, beach-inspired necklace or bracelet for added pizzazz.

Create a new evening look from what you’ve already got in your BEK. Perhaps your bikini top stayed dry. If so, pair it with the bottoms of the spare (be sure they coordinate, though), or you could simply put on a pair of shorts. A sarong utilized as a swimsuit cover can easily be transformed into a halter top. Play around with it until you get it just right.

Pack the jeweled flip-flips. They’re much more suitable for evenings.

Of course, it’s vitally important that before you reach your evening destination from the beach that you put your comb, baby wipes, tissue, and deodorant to good use.

Do right at the beach without looking too done-up. Have fun, remain flexible, and strive for a truly fabulous fun-in-the-sun summer vacation!

Ps…if you have any other additions to the BEK, I’d love to know about them!

Beth Newman
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