Monday, June 28, 2010

Heavy Handed

Summer has officially dawned, and I think an attitude of ‘lightening up’ is in order, particularly when it comes to our handbags.

My darlings, if you’re still toting the black leather number you bought last November, I implore you to open your eyes and take a look at the wondrous warm-weather bags ripe for the picking:

Color is essential. Shades of blues, yellows, and even lovely summer-reds line boutique shelves, just dying for you to take them home.

Straw is also a viable option: I discovered the most deliciously elegant straw bag at Charming Charlie’s earlier this season (Yes, Charming Charlie’s – I’m not snob, when I find something fabulous and affordable, you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll grab it). This bag is, without a doubt, my ‘go-to’ favorite of the moment. It’s huge (which I need for lugging essentials like wallet, lipstick, magazines, candy bars, and such), chic (works well with my ‘taking care of business’ attire), and versatile (doubles as a shopping bag when they’ve run low at CVS).

Too often, we forget that the little things really do matter when it comes to our wardrobe. The bag, the shoes, the belt, the bracelet….although small details, really, they make a tremendous impact on our overall look.

Store away that lovely black bag for a while. It’s simply too heavy for summer’s light-and-easy looks. Time passes quickly, and very soon you’ll be able to haul it out once again.

Beth Newman
Image Consultant/Life Coach
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