Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Emerge from the Dark Side

Sometimes, we don’t understand just how dark it is until we start to see the light.

As children, society tells us that there are certain things we can and cannot do. Rewards and recognition may have come with ultimatums (‘If you don’t get better grades, I’ll be so angry with you. You’ll never go anywhere in life if you don’t hang out with this group of kids, and such). Perhaps we were flat-out told to do something in order to make someone else happy (Darling, marry a rich man who can support you – you know, that sort of thing).

We thus become the victims of a limited way of believing. As children, we’re surrounded by the intentions and ideals of parents and teachers. They have goals for us, which is good – to a degree – but oftentimes those goals are presented with the ‘do this or else’ caveat. As a result, we grow up to fear a few things, shun a few things, and generally repeat the cycle as adults.

These limited beliefs, however, only stunt our growth. They may exist as beliefs about our own capabilities (I’m not smart enough), beliefs about what it takes to succeed (I don’t have the funds to do what I want to do), beliefs about how we should relate to other people (even though he’s a pain, I should call Uncle Leo more often), and such. Moving beyond a limited belief system is a critical first step toward becoming truly happy and satisfied. No matter your age, no matter your status (socioeconomically, relationship, etc.), the time to take control and emerge from the darkness of limited belief is now.

You can learn how to identify those beliefs that are limiting you and then replace them with positive ones that support who you want to be (You’ll never be seen as fabulous if you spend most of your time in the gutter). This shift in thinking can mean the difference between a lifetime of ‘could haves’ versus accomplishing what you really want in life.

The key, which you already hold, is to make a decision about who you want to be, how you want to act, and how you want to feel. Our feelings and thought processes play a huge role in creating our lives. Yes, I said creating because that is what we do, whether we realize it or not. Our thoughts, our words, our actions, and even our manner of dress dictate the outcome.

No challenge is too great. We merely must set our minds toward success, feel ourselves being successful, and offer gratitude for the success we’re currently achieving. Replace any thought or belief that is keeping you from achieving your goals with an empowering thought or belief that will take you closer to your goals. Ignore the doom and gloom crowd. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people, places and things. Stay focused on who you want to be, and know that you are worthy of being that person.

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