Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Nutshell

We’ve officially survived the first month of a new year, Sweeties. 2011 shall rock for us all-if we allow it to do so. It’s important, I believe, to reflect upon our victories and the general day-to-day in order to gauge just how far we’re coming along in the game of life. I’ve been doing just that, and have drawn the following conclusions:

-I really, truly don’t mind getting older. I’m comfortable in my own skin (maybe too much so, at times) and no longer feel as if I have something to prove. Terribly driven in my twenties and thirties, I now realize that my thought patterns far outweigh any actions I could take. Fabulosity is a mindset, and spinning ones wheels won’t get us to our desired destination.

-With age comes a few new ‘adventures’ (my doctor warned me about these), and I’m actually glad to have experienced what I can only assume was my first official hot flash, which occurred on the coldest night of the year. Talk about convenient! Note to husbands whose wives are dealing with the same thing: it’s sweet of you to offer us Advil, but Advil won’t cut it during these particular episodes.

-Going on television is really cool – don’t listen to those who say it’s not (unless, of course, they’ve been featured on some sort of America’s Most Wanted – type show; I can totally understand why they’re not too keen on going before a camera).

-And speaking of cool – reuniting with the grown-up versions of the kids I once taught truly does a heart good. ‘Newman’s Own’ have made me awfully proud!

-Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, by Amy Sedaris, is a parody of craft books. Those who assumed they’d learn the fine art of macramé or whatever they’re into should have done their homework before buying the book (and sending it, unseen, to their grandmother for Christmas). Sedaris is dark, a bit twisted, but incredibly talented and funny. Her brand of comedy is not for everyone, so if you’re easily offended, take a pass on this one. Silently. Those of us who dig her will appreciate it.

-While on the subject of books, I encourage anyone seeking an elegant role model to read Joanna Lumley, the biography written by Tim Ewbank. Most of us know Ms. Lumley for her delicious portrayal of Patsy Stone on Absolutely Fabulous. A model in swinging sixties London, she rose above many of her peers. Her story is one of hard work, philanthropy, and sheer elegance. Those interviewed for the book describe her as kind, professional, funny, and as someone who goes out of her way to make others feel fantastic. These are traits we should all strive for.

-If you have a connection to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, please let me know the best way I can get my hands on discounted Keith Urban tickets.

And that’s my January, in a nutshell.

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