Monday, June 18, 2012

Nothing on My Mind

Once upon I time, I used writing as therapy.  I’ve kept journals since I was about 12-years-old, and always found that getting the thoughts in my head down on paper helped me sort out things about myself and the world around me.

So does the fact that I’ve got nothing to write about today mean I’ve no thoughts in my head?  No.  I woke up wondering why my dryer doesn’t dry effectively.  I then mused at great length over coffee about Madonna and why she won’t go away, and wondered who told her that donning a cheerleading costume on stage was a good idea.  She certainly falls into the ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should category’ doesn’t she?   After coffee I thought about the errands I had to run today and wondered if I should take my 22-year-old cat in for a face lift. Welcome to the brain of Beth Newman, boys and girls!

 Since writing was, once-upon-a-time, cathartic, does this apparent writer’s block mean I’ve solved all my problems and those of the world? No.  We still have good people wearing bad clothes, and those quick to blame others when things don’t go their way.  We have people who’ve no idea how they’re perceived by others, and we’ve people who do dumb things on a regular basis.

It dawns on me that I’ve used writing to ease my frustrations:  why don’t people want to look their best, always?  Why don’t they want to take ownership of their lives?  Why don’t they want to rise above and act a bit classier than their neighbors?  I still ask these questions, but I’m much less frustrated than I used to be about them.  My powers are limited, after all, and the world would certainly be a boring place if we were all nice, neat little packages. 

Perhaps it means that I’m content – finally – to just ‘be’, and to let others ‘just be’.  I’m not closing up shop, because business has been quite good lately – maybe that has something to do with my lack of motivation to write.  I’m blessed and busy helping others in person rather than trying to change them through my little musings.

So what’s on my mind right now?  Gratitude, for starters, for too many things to list here.   I’m also thinking about what to have for lunch.  And I just can’t get that picture of Madonna in a cheerleading costume out of my head….

Beth Newman

Image Consultant, Mentor, Author

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