Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Second-Hand Dullness

Very few bat an eye these days at the violent, negative, and often-times sexually explicit messages and images that inundate us daily, but you smoke one cigarette in public, and everyone goes ape.

I had to kindly explain the meaning of the word ‘acquiesce’ to an alleged-adult the other day, who in turn told me to ‘chill-ax’ with ‘all those fancy words.’

We’ll march ourselves, children in tow, into the streets in order to protest some cause that quite frankly doesn’t affect us in the long run (unless we allow it to do so), but don’t offer our kids much in the way of spiritual or moral guidance.

Is it just me, or does our society suffer from misplaced priorities?

I ask the question because it seems as if we’re dumbed-down and hyped-up on all the wrong things.    We know the names of every Kardashian (who seem to multiply like head lice), but can’t recall the names of our founding forefathers, the twelve disciples, or the Rat Pack.

We can certainly point fingers and blame public education, the media, or changing times, but it really boils down to one thing:  us.  We simply must step it up, Sweeties.  We’ve become too lax and too forgiving of behaviors that don’t serve our society well. 

But I do believe there is hope for us and for future generations, and it most likely will only take a tweak or two…

Turn of the television and pick up a book.

Get to know your neighbors as well as you know the Kardashians.

Stop looking for the ‘big bang’ and realize the ‘big bang’ occurs during those simple times.

Listen more, talk less.

Express yourself through your words and deeds, and not with body art and unflattering clothes.

Go outside and sit quietly for a few minutes each day.

Love and accept others no matter their ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or political leanings.

Help a creature in need.

Living fully, correctly, and enjoyably doesn’t have to be difficult.  It’s all about taking ‘pride in ownership’ when it comes to our lives.  It’s about keeping ourselves positively productive.  It’s about surrounding ourselves with uplifting and entertaining individuals – even those who may live differently than you.  (Side note:  tolerance and acceptance are big in my book, and I’m blessed with many friends from many walks of life.  Try it, you may just like it!)

If you found today’s musing a bit harsh, that’s okay.  You may, in fact, be fed up with my oh-so-elegant rants, and that’s fine, too.  Go forth in peace and stay ‘chill-axed’.  I’ll be in the corner with a few like-minded souls who take pleasure in the little things and can communicate at-or-above a seventh grade level.

And I won’t even mind if they’re smoking while doing so.

Beth Newman

Newman Image

Look, feel, and LIVE your absolute best!