Sunday, January 11, 2015

Put a Bird on It

If you can see it, you can achieve it.

Hogwash, especially when it comes to arts and crafts.  I see all kinds of cute craft ideas.  I read the instructions.  I have the materials, yet in spite of it all I just can't seem to make any of it work.  I actually got a headache looking over Pinterest the other night.  I mean, come on, who has time to do all that?  

I desperately want to be more creative, and I'll own the fact that I'm pretty good with a hot glue gun.  I'm determined to master the sewing machine Mr. Newman got me for Christmas, even though it's computerized and I'm still a bit fearful of turning it on.  

Admittedly, I've recently placed a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to create.  It doesn't help that I'm surrounded by creativity:  my mother is an excellent seamstress, my sister is an award-winning artist, my sister-in-law is a phenomenal quilter, and my husband makes a living making music.  I keep thinking some of their talent will rub off on me, but so far, no dice.

It doesn't help that Pinteresters with too much time on their hands have raised the bar for part-timers like me, and it seems as if every other story that pops up on my Facebook feed is of a crafty nature.  I can do that!  I think to myself, and then after spending five minutes mulling it over, come to the conclusion that certain ideas just aren't worth my time.
Quite honestly, I'm more impressed with the vest.

Last year, I even attempted to make my own cheese.  Not only did I ruin a perfectly good pan, a terrible odor permeated my home for a solid two days.  Seriously, it was horrible - a smell I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy, who just happens to be country singer Toby Keith (I'll tell you why another time).  

It seems, too, that all this crafting has seeped into home DIY projects.  I'm all for re-purposing, but I don't even use the coasters I own, so why attempt to convert my old CDs into handy little drip catchers?  I did do this, however:  

That's a tray that once held a Pyrex dish given to me by my husband's grandmother.  Someone (not me) broke the dish, so I created a nice little shelf in my kitchen to hold recently received Star Wars knick knacks, because if there's one place I could use the Force, it's in the kitchen.  The miniature condiments I stole from room service.  I call this piece Thieving Jedi.

Perhaps the renewed interest in getting crafty stems from our fast-food, technological-centered society.  A throw-back to simpler times, if you will.  Nonetheless, I fear we've become a little too enthusiastic about creating.

In spite of it all, however, I shall soldier on, whether it's Barbie clothes for The Two Fabulous Nieces or pot-holders for Those Who Need Pot-holders (unless it's Toby Keith - I don't care if he needs a pot-holder).  I enjoy the process, and am hopeful that someday I will do more than just put a bird on it.

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