Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sweet Charity

This past week, our nephew set up one of those online funding accounts in memory of his sister.  Proceeds benefit the school in which she taught, one that specializes in educating children with neurological differences.  He set a goal of $500 and as of this writing more than $4,000 has been donated.  

Pretty flipping fantastic.

That's doing it for the right reasons:  honoring the memory of a fabulous someone while raising funds for children who shall greatly benefit.

Now let's talk about what those little accounts are for, what they're not for, and general 'charitable giving' ideas for us all to mull over:

Grave illness and tragedy, such as a house-fire - fund it.

Small non-profit, no-kill animal shelters that are doomed due to lack of monetary contributions - fund it.

Anything related to enhancing or improving education - fund it.

Now here it comes, based on actual information I discovered through extensive research (a five-minute Google, if I'm being perfectly honest). If any of the three of you who actually read this musing contribute to any of the following or the like, I will hunt you down and punch you in the throat:

Teen-age road trips 
A side-show hillbilly reality co-star 
Beer money
T-shirts for moms serving on athletic booster clubs

And let's not forget the 'artists'.  I've seen everything from 'help us make this movie' to 'help us make this album.'  I'm referring in particular to the so-called musicians out there who fall into one of two camps:  the Christians and the Hipsters.  Ironic, too, since begging for dough is neither Christ-like nor very hip, don't you think?

(I'm just throwing this in for you Johnny Come Latelys)

Side note:  the 'Donate' button on this particular little site is a tongue-in-cheek devise.  With that being said, I am not opposed to a small donation.  Sitting on my behind writing this thing keeps me from sitting on my behind doing something else, and much like my Christian Hipster brothers and sisters, I never turn down a little coinage ;)

Side Side Note:  and so help me God if those hipsters do get funding for an album and put it on vinyl, I will lose it (see:  throat punching).

Anyhow, this leads me to the over abundance of 'won't you give' requests that have permeated our society in recent years.  We can't even check out of a grocery store without being hit up for a donation benefiting a huge corporate machine based on the idea of charity.

Yes, most of our high profile charities are big business, and very little of the money received goes toward 'research' or 'patients'.  Do a little homework.  When a certain charity has enough power to wash our entire country in pink during the month of October, something is wrong.  And I don't pick on this particular organization lightly - my aunt died of their chosen disease at the age of thirty-six, leaving behind two little girls.    Where was this organization and their 'research'/'help'?  Not in Dimmitt,TX, that's for sure.

So herein lies the conundrum:  we know we should give, but where do we start?  Everyone from the obese to Obie the Oboe Player are hitting us up for cash.  My advise is to pick a couple of causes that resonate with you.  If you can't give cash, give time.  If you can't give time, give good vibes.  And remember, too, that when you give for the right reasons, some of that goodness will come back to you.

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