Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cues from Cats

I feel there is no creature more magnificent than the cat. I’ve had cats as pets my whole life, and remain mesmerized by them.

In our quest for style and sheer fabulousness, we would all do well in following our feline friends:

Good, thorough grooming – a cat takes pride in her appearance, washing and ‘spiffying’ herself up frequently throughout the day. It’s so important to look one’s best.

Beauty sleep – a cat knows that sleep matters. Lack of sleep affects everything – our moods, our skin, our productivity.

Stretching – Have you ever heard a cat complain about a stiff neck or tight hips? Too little emphasis is placed on the power flexibility.

Playtime – We simply must find joy and silliness throughout the day. Active fun is the best. The more we move, the fitter we become.

Eating habits – a cat eats only when he’s hungry.

Graceful gaits – Unless it’s playtime, most cats walk slowly and elegantly.

Independence – though wonderful companions, cats aren’t totally dependent on us. There’s nothing more attractive than the self-assuredness and confidence that comes with independence.

Attitude – A cat knows she’s fabulous; you can tell it in everything she does. That mindset – I am fabulous does wonders.

Mystique – We never truly get to know a cat. He keeps a little something of himself to himself – always leaving us wanting more.

Of course, for cats these characteristics are innate. We humans must practice them. With such practice, we’ll unleash the magnificent creature that lives within.


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