Sunday, August 23, 2009

80's Ladies

As a child (okay, teen verging on adult) of the 80’s, nothing delights me more than witnessing the retro-look that’s sweeping fashion these days. The neon, the strong shoulders, and all that layering take me back to those carefree days.

Many of us from that era may be tempted to re-embrace the 80’s look whole-heartedly. The general rule of thumb, though, of fashion is this: if one is old enough to have worn it back in the day, one should not attempt to wear it again now. Take heart, though, dear friends; there are several ways in which to incorporate a few of the new trends in order to keep us looking fresh and ‘with it’:

1. A bit of neon goes a long way. Pair your conservative look with a bright structured bag or neon scarf.

2. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the big-shouldered look of the day is slightly different from the one made famous by the gals of Dynasty. Today’s shoulder pads are more streamlined, with just a tiny swoop at the top.

3. Ruffles and leather are huge this upcoming season. Don them sparingly in order not to be mistaken for Adam Ant.

4. I’m a big fan of big hair – always have been. Today’s volume should come from the crown only. I love Bump-it’s – they’re perfect for achieving the right balance, provided your hair is not overly layered on top.

5. As far as makeup goes, I’m afraid we must keep it simple. That means no shimmer or colors that virtually glow in the dark. Consider, though, going a bit heavier with the eyeliner and mascara on the upper lids only. We’ve reached that stage in life when we must keep the focus up, up, up!

6. It’s okay for us to dabble in icon tee’s from time to time. My personal favorite is the Rick Springfield Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet tee from his 1982 tour. Just make sure the tee is fitted and paired with dark denim jeans, a structured jacket, and a fab pair of heels.

Trying to embrace a trend completely after a certain age will, in fact, age a gal or make her appear as if she’s stuck in a time warp. If you saved your prom dress from 1988 and are considering wearing it out for cocktails, please think again. Pass that dress on to your daughter, and adopt a more subtle approach when tweaking your look for the season.

Beth Newman
Look, feel, and live your absolute best!

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