Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Living the Dream

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who always did exactly as she was told. Be good, eat your vegetables, don’t talk to strangers – she abided by them all. Her desperate desire to please didn’t disappear as she entered adulthood. If anything, it multiplied. Fear of conflict, fear of losing a job, fear of disappointing her friends and family kept her in a constant tizzy. Her painted-on smile and keen acting chops served her well. No one knew the degree of misery in which she lived.

Time, along with a couple of serious kicks to head, led this girl to what I refer to as a come to Jesus moment. She realized just how weary she’d become of it all. Her attempts to keep everyone happy weren’t worth it anymore because they simply did not work. Taken for granted too many times, she decided to call it a day.

She quit her corporate job to pursue her passion. She cut out negative people who had influenced her. Granted, she doesn’t make a lot of money and she spends many Friday nights alone, but she’s happy – and that’s a first for her. She finally came to understand that she had the power to create her own life.

Faith plays a huge role in her creation. When times get tough, she knows the Universe will supply everything she needs.

She doesn’t necessarily feel more enlightened than anyone else, but she can’t help but wonder about those folks who choose hatred (of job, family, life) over happiness…those who choose fear over faith…those who choose blah over beautiful.

Part of her life’s mission is to help others overcome the obstacles that keep them down. She doesn’t preach, though; if anything, she merely leads by example and offers advice only when it’s asked. She understands that living one’s dream is possible, if only given the chance.

Beth Newman
Look, feel, and live your absolute best!

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