Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Fashion Flubs Fixed!

With summer heat looming, many of us suffer from style melt-down. Yes, we must dress for the weather, but that does not mean we should throw our good fashion sense out the window. We owe it to ourselves to take the time to look our best – even when the temperatures soar.

Say no to ratty, ill-fitting T-shirts. Say yes to colorful wrap tops – they complement the silhouette more.

Say no to wearing spaghetti-strap camis as shirts (they are, essentially, underwear). Say yes to fitted tanks (which, by the way, look far more interesting when layered).

Say no to too-short shorts. Say yes to Bermudas. Anything that hits just above the knee is far more flattering, especially if you’re like me and your legs have seen better days! (Regarding shorts – if you’d never wear a particular length in a skirt – thigh-high, for example, don’t wear it in a pair of shorts)

Say maybe to Capri pants – they flatter so few people, really. Insure that yours fall just below the calf, which is the widest part of your lower leg. Say yes to lightweight trousers or, better yet, flirty, floaty skirts and dresses.

Say no to black during the day. Say yes to bright blues, corals, and greens – colors that complement the season. Black is very dramatic, and should be treated with far more respect than we’ve been treating it in recent years.

Say no to heavy fabrics. Say yes to light ones that breathe.

Say no to sky-high or chunky heels during the day. We need to lighten up this time of year. Say yes to ballet flats or elegant sandals. NOTE: sandals really are not appropriate for the office (a peep toe, though, is acceptable).

Say no to flip-flops, unless you’re at the beach. Say yes to…see above.

Say no to forgoing accessories. Say yes to bringing out your big, bold, best. Accessories really do make or break an outfit.

Other heat-beating hints:
In your handbag, place a style emergency kit – include moist towelettes, travel-size antiperspirant, a ponytail holder, and face blotting tissues.

Spray your tootsies with an aerosol antiperspirant, such as Suave, to keep your feet fresh during the day.

Wear a hat. Not only are you protecting your hair from the sun and shading your face, you’re also adding a bit more panache to your look.

And for you gentlemen out there, I invite you to check out our For The Boys section in June’s edition of Elegant – the little ‘zine dedicated to fabulous living – located at for your summer style tips.

Don’t let the heat zap your style – fight those fashion faux pas of the season!

Beth Newman
Image Consultant/Life Coach
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