Thursday, May 27, 2010


Life is all about choices. Some may argue that things simply happen, or may play victim to life’s circumstances, but I believe that where we stand in life is a result of choices we make. Of course, forces beyond our control throw rocks at us from time to time, but our attitude and our effort to rise above any occasion sets the tone for the day. And yes, we do have control over attitude and effort.

It begins with our first thought each morning. A friend used to rise each morning, groan, and say, “Aw… (insert your favorite expletive here)”. Rather than experience excitement at a new day, he chose to focus on “all the (again, insert your favorite expletive here) I have to do,” with no effort to acknowledge his blessings. We didn’t stay friends for very long - too much negativity for me.

Call me shallow, but I truly believe that our image choices affect our attitude. It’s a fact: when one looks his best, he tends to feel his best, and that will ultimately lead him to do his best. That’s why I find it so surprising how little effort many folks put into their appearance these days. The schlumpy sweatpants and flip-flops worn to practically any public place have caused a schlumpy mindset in our society, I think. I’m tired of schlumpy – aren’t you? (Although I like to say “schlumpy” – it’s a fun little word that rolls off the tongue)

Day-to-day living can certainly lend itself to a drop in positivity. That’s why we must make the effort to look for the good things and to get out of a routine. We must work, that’s true, but must we eat lunch at our desks every day? Might we wander out and grab a bite at a local café with a friend? Could we forgo the hours upon hours of TV each night to visit with friends, go to a museum, or simply stroll through the neighborhood?

Finally, at the end of the day, we must count our blessings, offer thanks for all that we have, and acknowledge that those rocks that may have been thrown at us are intended to teach us lessons.

It’s a choice to enjoy life and to do those things that make you happy. It’s a choice to strive for a positive attitude each day and to treat yourself – and others –well. Will you make the effort or won’t you? The choice is yours.

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