Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Than a Little Scary, I Think

Information revealed on last night’s episode of Fashion Police stunned me: reports claim that the best-selling Halloween costume thus far is that of Snookie – you know, the little gal who represents what I hope to be the worst part of New Jersey.


Now, I don’t watch her show, and therefore know very little about her. My limited knowledge stems from what I read in Star magazine. From what Star tells me, I can only assume she’s loud, obnoxious, and a heavy drinker who’s experienced brushes with the law.

She doesn’t sing, dance, or act. But she’s famous – really, really famous.

So yet again we observe another example of our society as a whole sinking further and further into the depths of déclassé amusement.

I’m weary of it, darling, I truly am.

Of course, Halloween is intended to frighten us a bit, to provoke us a little, and to take us on a short stroll along the darker side. Witches, goblins, and ghosts, however, have been replaced by pimps, ‘ho’s’, and the aforementioned Snookie.

Oh, I don’t get this one either: why are there so many costumes designed to sexualize? Strolling through my local costume shop the other day, I saw Sexy Nurse, Sexy Cat, Sexy Demon, and Sexy Clown. There’s nothing sexy about them, in my humble opinion – I just find them trashy and sad.

I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just a simple gal longing for a little elegance and creativity during Halloween (and throughout the year, for that matter).

If an adult chooses to Snookie herself up this year, that’s okay – it’s her right to do so. With that being said, should an adult encourage a child to do the same, I shall take issue. Any junior Snookies (or ho’s or sexy whatevers) will not get candy should they ring my bell on All Hallows Eve. They will get a copy of my book Become a First Style Fashionista (sorry for the shameless plug, boys and girls!) and the adults responsible for allowing them to show up at my door in such unacceptable costumes will be given my raised eyebrow.

Think long and hard about your costume this year, my dear.

Beth Newman
Image Consultant/Life Coach/Author
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