Friday, October 29, 2010

October's Nutshell

As Tallulah Belle and I chatted this morning over coffee about this past month, I realized that I’ve learned an awful lot these last few weeks. I’ve discovered that we really should let certain issues go, while we should address others rationally and of course, elegantly. So here goes my month, in a nutshell:

-Be wary of washing machine repairmen who claim that buying a new unit would be far more affordable than having the current unit repaired. It’s not true. Also, don’t offer the repairman any candy until he’s sufficiently completed his job.

-I must thank Sienna Cleaners on Lexington in Sugar Land for providing such great laundry service while the aforementioned washing machine was on the fritz. There really was no need to hang the towels and washcloths, though, on individual hangers; folding them would have been just fine.

-Kudos to my neighbor for posting a notice to our little townhome community about the dog issue. The noise and mess are truly getting out of hand, and this particular notice makes much more sense than last’s months notice that we all meet to complain about the trees that were chopped down. No one mentioned actually replanting the trees….they merely wanted us to join in a good, old-fashioned gripe session. We passed, obviously.

-I understand that we all have our own tastes, fashion-wise, but I simply cannot come to terms with the fact that Gretchen Jones and her Whole Foods, hippie-inspired monstrosities were crowned winners during last night’s season finale of Project Runway.

-On that note, I’ve fallen madly in love with Tim Gunn. I encourage those of you who aspire to more elegant living to read Tim’s latest book, Gunn’s Golden Rules.

-In other book news, Rick Springfield’s Late Late at Night is truly a remarkable read. On his book tour, he’s primarily asked about his bouts with depression, his infidelities, and of course, Jessie’s Girl. I’d love for reporters to ask him about his journey toward spiritual awakening, for that’s what I enjoyed most about the book. I’m no longer 15-year-old Beth with a mad crush on him; I’m 40-year-old Beth with nothing but deep admiration and respect for him, his talent, and his candor.

-The Toot N Totum on I-40 and Washington in Amarillo, TX refuses to allow EMS workers the use of its restrooms. This is nothing short of shameful. EMS workers spend long, exhausting hours insuring our well-being, oftentimes putting their own safety at risk. I think a very elegant boycott is in order, don’t you?

-Why is it so difficult to find Halloween goodies three days before Halloween? If I were in the market for chocolate Santas and marshmallow jingle bells, I’d be in luck, but that’s not what I’m in need of at the moment.

-The Doodle Buddy application for the I Phone is a God-send for those of us who are called upon to keep a three-year-old entertained.

-Dr. Scholl’s Her Fast Flats come in men’s sizes. Don’t ask me how I know this – I just do.

And that, Sweeties, is my October in a nutshell! Cheers!

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