Saturday, October 2, 2010

September's Nutshell

Here I sit, reviewing the month of September for any startling revelations or any a-ha moments. What have I learned this last thirty days? What’s amused me…baffled me….made me go ‘hmm’? Surprisingly not that much; but you know me, I’ll always dig up something to share.

-I like to work. I really, really do. Keeping busy keeps me alive. I’m blessed to pursue those things I truly love to do.

-A certain squirrel I know is nothing short of a menace. I see you eyeballing my patio, and strongly advise you to think twice before entering.

-Every experience builds upon itself, thus taking us to the next level – if we allow it to do so. As I get older, I realize that I never should proclaim, “Well, that was a mistake and a huge waste of time.” The mistakes and time wasters are intended to teach us something.

-I'm baffled when someone tells me, “I need something to go with a pair of black pants,” Aside from pastels, pretty much anything will work with a black trouser.

-We really should pay very close attention to our dreams, for the subconscious mind is a powerful little cuss. In the back of my mind, I’ve known that I’ve not eaten terribly healthfully nor worked out like I should these past couple of weeks. Last night’s dream of vegetable hummus wraps eaten at the gym’s cafĂ© have motivated me to get back on track.

-Is there anything more fun or more reviving than cleaning out one’s closet and revamping one’s wardrobe? I think not!

-Is Kim Zimmer enough to lure me into watching One Life to Live?

And this, my friends, concludes my monthly review. How did you fare in September?

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