Monday, July 16, 2012

TCB, Baby

Somebody Should Really Do Something About All of the Problems!

So read a headline in The Onion a few years back.  I chuckled at that one before I even dove into the faux article.  I’ve known people all my life ready and willing to complain, but rarely stepping up to help.  I never got it – I was always wired to jump in and take care of business.   That’s how my parents did things.  They knew how to ‘make it work’ long before Tim Gunn coined the phrase on Project Runway.

As I do my best to preach the gospel of fabulosity, I must remind you, Sweeties, that a little TCB makes a mighty big difference.  One will never be fabulous if she’s willing to sit by and let others do the grunt work.  She loses points if she complains while others are ‘gittin’ it done’ (geesh – I’ve resorted to quoting Larry the Cable Guy.  How desperate am I to make my point?), and she should be smacked upside the head with a pink feather boa if she fails to say ‘thank you’ when the job is done.

And it doesn’t matter the task at hand.  In many cases, one can easily make arrangements for proper health care for an elderly relative in the same amount of time it takes to unload the dishwasher and vacuum the floor.  Of course, situations exist that will take more time.  My advice is to start chipping away at these immediately, before you end up with a full-fledged mess on your hands. 

I’d also like to remind you, too, that your attitude while pitching in determines just how fabulous others shall perceive you.  When we start moaning and groaning, we’re not going about it in the right spirit.  We’ll only reap blessings when we give our time, money, talents, expertise, etc. with a glad heart.

So if you’ve ever complained about the way in which something has ever been handled, put your money where your mouth is and start contributing to the greater good.  If you’ve ever approached someone with the phrase, ‘You need to tell so-and-so to…” you should really think about what type of person doesn’t have the onions to go directly to so-and-so.  So-and-so could very well have a full plate in front of her, and might certainly appreciate a break from you.

If there is a problem

Yo, I’ll solve it…

Yikes!  I’m now quoting Vanilla Ice.   Do you see the depths in which I’m sinking regarding today’s topic?

Go out there and just be fabulous.  Stop whining, and exceed expectations in all that you do.  Is this really too much to ask?

Beth Newman

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