Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catty Behavior

An incident occurred in the Newman house last night.

As I walked through my office, my handsome boy, Kramer, snuck in underneath me and I accidentally stepped on his paw. He yelped in that sad, angry way that cats do when these things happen. From out of nowhere our little princess, Tallulah Belle appeared, wide-eyed and ready to take some sort of action. She gave me an almost guttural mew – the one she saves for stray cats who visit our patio. Then, she lunged toward Kramer, attempting to bite him.

I assured her all was well, and eventually the three of us made up. It got me thinking, though, about how we as humans tend to resort to an almost animal-like instinct when we’re confused or frightened.

Tallulah Belle could not fully understand the situation – that’s just the way cats are wired. She was merely reacting from her gut. We’re rational beings, however, with the capacity for assessment and we have the power to choose our reactions to problematic situations. Oftentimes we don’t utilize this power. We choose to react negatively and lash out toward those we love without understanding that it’s completely within our control to handle life’s bumps with grace and dignity.

I encourage you today to really think about the challenges you face and to consider your actions carefully before striking out the way Tallulah Belle did. She can’t help her reactions, but we can surely take possession of ours.

Beth Newman
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