Monday, May 3, 2010

May's Good Buys

Let’s see…

Sunglasses? Check!
Denims? Check!
Spring and summer shoes? Check!
Dresses? Check!
Tanks and tees? Uh….won’t mine from last year work?

The answer, my friend, is ‘no!’ As we enter the month of May – the last official month of spring – we must insure that we’ve our warm-weather wardrobe intact, and that includes the little, lightweight things.

We must purge our tank and tee collection right now. Sure, those white t-shirts purchased a year ago might look okay, but hold one up to a shiny, bright new one and you’ll see the difference. Some tees lose their shape after a few spins in the washing machine. Trust me, you’re better off saying ‘sayonara’ to them all and welcoming in a new batch.

Tees and tanks reign supreme as the most versatile items in our wardrobe and the most affordable. (Personally, I go with Hanes Her Way – the three pack – that I can easily pick up at my neighborhood Target for around $10). We can wear these little miracles just about everywhere and with everything: Pair one with a jacket and skirt for the office; get rid of the skirt and jacket and put on a pair of jeans or lightweight trousers – viola – you’ve got your weekend look together!

Layering t-shirts and tank tops is also a really good styling trick and a great way to get different looks. Open yourself up to colors you normally wouldn’t choose: Layering two colors that pick up the print in a skirt make for a visually interesting look.

Do consider your bras when shopping for tanks and tees. Calvin Klein’s T-shirt bra still reigns supreme, in my humble opinion. The smooth texture and extraordinary fit are the only way to go underneath your t-shirts.

Gals of a certain shape will benefit from a Lycra cami with a built-in bra and adjustable straps. Wear it under anything, and notice the support and smoothness you’ll get in return. Word or caution: Lycra fits snugly, so it won’t be as cool on those sweltering summer days.

The temperature is rising, so stay cool, my friends – literally and figuratively!

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