Friday, September 24, 2010

An Age-Old Conundrum

A couple of weeks ago, as I tarted myself up for a night on the town, I discovered an old tube of lipstick in the back of a vanity drawer. Ruby Red Rush, it was called. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d rushed for ruby-red lips, but I thought, ‘what the heck, let’s give it a shot’. Once applied, I gave myself a good long look in the mirror, and realized something: I looked like my drag (the thundrous whirring noise you hear is him spinning in his grave at the very notion).

I realized that evening, as I wiped Miss Ruby Red from my lips, that I’ve reached the age in which I can’t pull off just any old thing. I once loved sporting the reddest red of lips, but alas, thanks to the fine lines Mother Nature keeps imbedding around my smile, I can no longer sport a loud mouth (this refers only to lipsticks and glosses, by the way…I’ll still spout off when I shouldn’t , most likely).

That, in addition to September’s focus on the new fashions, got me thinking about age-appropriateness. It does exist. It does not, however, mean that those of us who’ve reached a certain age must reach for the elastic waist-banded trousers and blue hair rinses. It merely means we must become cognizant of what we can and cannot get away with anymore.

Makeup: Go lighter with lipsticks, and pay very close attention to eye makeup. I, personally, prefer a dramatic eye, and thanks to Nova Lash eyelash extensions, the focus remains up, up, up rather than down, down, down, where years of sunbathing and heaven- knows- what -else have dragged the rest of my face toward the floor.

Hair: Bangs rule, and are much cheaper than Botox. A face-framing cut does wonders for a gal’s look and psyche.

Clothes: We get into trouble here. Just because we still have it in certain areas doesn’t necessarily mean we should flaunt it. No matter how tight your tummy is, it’s still no match against an ab-solutely toned belly of a 22-year-old. (And for you younger girls: please don’t flaunt anything less than a perfect stomach. Crop tops are really not that flattering on anyone). Long legs don’t give us license to wear the latest minis if we’re over the age of 25. If you’ve got the cleavage, go for it, but only if your skin is impeccably smooth.

Word to the wise: Form fitting is much more flattering than overly exposed skin – at any age.

The Venue: Keep in mind the importance of the setting. Those outrageous, dominatrix-inspired boots have their place. Visiting the folks back home is not that place. Cocktail attire does not consist of spandex. Flip-flops do not fall under the dress code of church.

Think about proportion and silhouette. I love the marriage between classy and funky, and with a little homework, we can all find the right look that’s not only flattering but exudes a youthful vitality. It’s all about confidence, baby. Find your look and rock it!

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