Friday, September 3, 2010

September's Good Buys

Dear friends, I cannot stress to you enough just how much I love the month of September. The lazy, hazy days of summer have disappeared, and now we look forward to reviewing, reenergizing, and revamping our look. Even if you’re still suffering sweltering heat (as am I here in Houston), it’s wise to store the warm-weather wardrobe and bring out the Autumn-inspired outfits that will carry you into the cooler months ahead.

And in order to ready oneself for the seasonal transition and ultimately the change, it’s now wise to buy:

Pocketbooks and wallets – a great fall or winter bag will carry you through an Indian summer, a prolonged fall, and the whole of winter until spring springs forth. You may carry it for some months, so choose carefully; now is the time for the indulgent bag you’ve been craving.

Party dresses – although you may not feel like it at the moment, it’s the best time to snag a couple of to-die-for dresses to see you through the holiday party season. Channel your inner-Audrey: keep it classic and elegant, and store it properly for use in years to come.

Winter separates – Again, high temperatures in your part of the world may tell you otherwise, but most likely the stores in your neighborhood are already stocked with winter wear. Trousers, skirts, sweaters, and long-sleeved tees await you. Take advantage of their presence now before they disappear.

For more information on the season’s best, I invite you to read Elegant – the little ‘zine dedicated to fabulous living – at

Here’s to falling beautifully into September!

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